Left Atrial Appendage Management

The AtriClip device is placed at the base of the left atrial appendage (LAA) excluding it from the left atrium resulting in the electrical isolation of the LAA.1-4 In peer-reviewed publications the AtriClip device achieved a successful LAA exclusion rate in 97% on average. LAA exclusion success is defined as no residual flow between the LAA and left atrium, and a residual LAA neck ≤ 1.0 cm in length.5-15

AtriClip Devices

AtriClip FLEX•V Device


  • One-Handed Application
  • Suture-Less Clip Deployment
  • Reduced Fatigue Clip Opening Lever
  • Small Footprint to Minimize the Interference with Adjacent Structures and Enhance LAA Visualization
  • Includes Selection Guide (CGG)

AtriClip FLEX Device


  • ±45° omnidirectional
  • Plunger grip
  • 6 cm flexible shaft
  • Includes Selection Guide (CGG)

AtriClip Standard Device


  • ±15 lateral rotation
  • 6 cm stiff shaft
  • Includes Selection Guide (CGG)

AtriClip Long Device


  • ±90° lateral head articulation
  • Thumb control
  • 25 cm malleable shaft
  • Includes Selection Guide (CGC)


AtriClip PRO Devices

AtriClip PRO Device


  • ±30° omnidirectional head articulation with lock
  • Quick deploy feature
  • 25 cm rigid shaft
  • Includes Selection Guide (CGG)

AtriClip PRO2 Device


  • Hoopless End Effector
  • Small Diameter End Effector (12 mm)
  • Active Articulation Levers
  • Includes Selection Guide (CGG)

AtriClip PRO•V Device


  • 12 mm Port Compatibility
  • Opened-Ended Design Clip
  • Tip-First Closure
  • Includes Selection Guide (CGG)



Selection Guide


  • Left atrial appendage sizing
  • Aluminum alloy



  1. Warning: The safety and effectiveness of this device in atrial rhythm control management, either alone or in combination with ablative treatment, has not been established.
    Warning: The safety and effectiveness of this device for stroke prevention, either alone or in combination with cardiac surgery, has not been established.
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