Coolrail Linear Pen

The Standard in Linear Ablation

Product Code(s)

  • MCR1

The Coolrail Linear Pen is the standard in long linear ablation and is our longest linear device at 30 mm which reduces the number of applications and potential for gaps. Long linear ablation capability is paired with fifty degrees of total head articulation and a malleable shaft that enables access to difficult anatomy while allowing angles that promote consistent tissue contact during ablation. Coolrail is able to achieve full thickness lesions by way of a patented internally-cooled (not irrigated) electrode system that draws heat away from the tissue, through the electrodes and into the circulating flow that keeps the electrodes / tissue surface cool enough to drive energy into the tissue and create robust lesions.

The Coolrail Linear Pen is a sterile, single use electrosurgery device intended to ablate cardiac tissue using radiofrequency (RF) energy.

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