AtriCure's cryoICE cryoablation probes have been the device of choice for the surgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias for more than two decades. The probes are built off AtriCure’s core strengths in cryoablation technology, leveraging such important features as thermal capacity to remove heat and active defrost, which allows the probe to be safely and quickly detached while maintaining the tissue’s frozen state.

Cryoablation Probes

cryoICE Cryoablation Probe


  • Second generation cryoICE cryoablation probe
  • Offers several features that improve ergonomic function while still delivering consistent performance

cryoICE Cryoablation Probe


  • Third generation cryoICE cryoablation probe 
  • Requires 25% less bend force to shape versus CRYO2

cryoFORM Cryoablation Probe


  • Latest generation cryoICE cryoablation probe
  • Provides increased probe flexibility to adapt to a variety of surgical ablation procedures
  • Intended to address the trend towards more minimally invasive techniques by allowing surgeons to easily shape and position the probe using endoscopic instruments


Cryo Nerve Block Probes

cryoSPHERE Probe


  • Probe designed exclusively for post-operative pain block
  • 8mm ball tip designed for minimally invasive applications and placement on intercostal nerve
  • Bendable distal shaft up to 180 degrees

cryoICE Probe for Cryo Nerve Block


  • Manage your patients' pain by temporarily blocking peripheral nerves 
  • First cryo probe indicated for the treatment of both cardiac arrhythmias and the temporary blockage of pain


Capital Equipment

cryoICE BOX V6


  • Intuitive user interface design and reliability