cryoICE Probe for Cryo Nerve Block

Take Pain OUT of the Procedure

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  • CRYO2

The cryoICE technology leverages the power of cryotherapy, a proven and safe practice that has been around for decades. The technology delivers a precise freezing temperature to the intercostal nerves, providing temporary pain relief in cardiac and thoracic procedures.

How the cryoICE Probe for Cryo Nerve Block Works

1 / Heat Extraction

The cryoICE system delivers Nitrous Oxide (N2O) within the probe at a high rate of speed causing the probe to cool and extract heat from surrounding tissue. When the probe is placed on the intercostal bundle, rapid heat extraction causes the intercostal nerve to freeze inducing a well-described process called Wallerian degeneration.

2 / Science Behind Cryo Nerve Block 

Axons within the intercostal nerve that send pain signals are destroyed distal to the cryoablation site. The tubule structures of the nerve remain intact allowing the axons to regenerate and nerve function to resume over the course of several weeks.

3 / Technique & Technology Matter

AtriCure consulted with leading pain management experts to develop a specific protocol for applying cryo nerve block technology to the intercostal spaces. The cryoICE probe is the first and only device indicated for both treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and providing temporary pain relief in cardiac and thoracic procedures.

4 / Active Defrost

Active Defrost allows the probe to be easily removed from the cryoablation site avoiding any inadvertent damage to the tubule structures of the nerve.

The cryoICE cryoablation probe (CRYO2) is intended for use in the cryosurgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and for blocking pain by temporarily ablating peripheral nerves.

Instructions for Use

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