RF Ablation, Pacing and Sensing

AtriCure offers a robust portfolio of radiofrequency (RF) ablation, pacing and sensing devices. AtriCure’s Isolator Synergy Ablation System is the only FDA-approved surgical device for the treatment of persistent atrial fibrillation and longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation.

Other products include the Bipolar RF Clamps, Versapolar RF with Suction Devices, Minimally Invasive Devices, Linear Pens and Probes, and Capital Equipment, representing an extensive portfolio to satisfy all cardiac ablation needs.

Bipolar RF Clamps

Isolator Synergy Clamps

Isolator Synergy Clamps


  • Left curve dual electrode pairs
  • 53 mm jaw length
  • 65 mm jaw length

Isolator Synergy Clamps


  • Left curve dual electrode pairs
  • Right curve dual electrode pairs
  • 60 mm jaw length

Isolator Synergy Access Clamp


  • Right curve dual electrode pairs
  • 30° upward/downward jaw articulation
  • 64 mm jaw length


Versapolar RF with Suction

COBRA Fusion 150 Ablation System


  • Versapolar technology (bipolar and monopolar) with suction technology
  • 150 mm ablation catheter with 6 electrodes
  • Includes: two ground pads, one suction canister, and suction tubing

Fusion Magnetic Retriever System


  • Includes: magnetic introducer, magnetic retriever, two stylets, magnetic positioner and magnetic swivel positioner


Minimally Invasive - Closed Chest

EPi-Sense Coagulation Device

CDP-4330-1, EPi-Sense Guided 6130 Device, 3 cm
CDP-4330, EPi-Sense Guided 6130 Device 3-Pack, 3 cm

  • 3 cm device
  • Embedded sensing electrodes
  • Irrigation/perfusion lumen
  • Integrated suction

Subtle Cannula

CSK-6130, Subtle Cannula with Guide Kit, 30 cm
CSK-6140, Subtle Cannula with Guide Kit, 40 cm

  • 30 cm length
  • For use with 5 mm or 10 mm scope
  • Compatible with a 0.026" guidewire


Linear Pens and Probes

Coolrail Linear Pen


  • 30 mm bipolar electrodes
  • Internally cooled radiofrequency electrodes

Isolator Linear Pen


  • 20 mm bipolar electrodes
  • Two discrete pace, sense and stimulate
  • 80° total head articulation

Isolator Transpolar Pen


  • 7 mm bipolar electrodes
  • Ablate, pace, sense and stimulate
  • Longer shaft for easier access


Capital Equipment

ORLab System


  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Stimulus connection box
  • Computer
  • Ablation and Sensing Unit (ASU)
  • Switch Box (ASB3)
  • cryoICE BOX (ACM)
  • Exhaust hose
  • Laser printer
  • Stimulus Generator Unit (SGU)

Ablation Sensing Unit and Switch Matrix


  • 115 V - USA
  • UL and CSA rated
  • 6"H x 14"D x 18"W
  • Includes: one electrical cord and one foot-switch

Electrosurgical Unit


  • 115 V - USA
  • Automatically adjust power outlet

RF Generator


  • 480 kHz
  • Transmits up to 100 W
  • Includes: RF Coagulation cable (CSK-2000), one foot pedal, and one electrical cord